Raw Crystals


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Raw Crystals to Energise

Crystals have been used to bring energetic qualities back to your water which may have been removed during the filtering and transportation process. Why raw? Raw crystals, in their natural state, have a higher surface area to come in contact with your water.

The crystals within this pack include the following:

Amethyst (1) – stone of spirituality and contentment. It balances intellectual, emotional and physical bodies, and bestows stability, invigoration and peace. Mohs hardness scale: 7

Clear Quartz (2) – stone of power. Brings energy of the stars into the soul, harmonising thoughts, consciousness and emotions. Mohs hardness scale: 7

• Green Aventurine (1) – stone of protection. Protector of the heart chakra, and balances male/female energies to enhance creativity, decisiveness and leadership qualities. Mohs hardness scale: 7

Rose Quartz (2) – stone of gentle love. Provides a balancing of the yin-yang energy and gently removes negativity to reinstate self-love. Mohs hardness scale: 7

Yellow Citrine (1) – merchant’s stone. Assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth, as well as energising personal power, creativity and intelligent decisiveness. Mohs hardness scale: 7

Approximate weight of bag is 100g. Crystals range in size from 20-50mm in length.

Crystals used in water should be above a 6 or above in the Mohs hardness scale.

raw crystals

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raw crystals

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