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Hi I’m Sanjay.

I have been using Prill Beads since 1999.

I was first introduced to them by my Reiki teacher, who was using them as a way to purify her drinking water. Of course I needed some of my own!

But I wanted to put them into a nice vessel, to make the water I was drinking feel more special. So I found a local ceramic urn maker in the Dandenong Mountains, near my home. To this day I am still using that same urn, and the same original pack of Prill Beads – as they continue to work indefinitely.

Sometime around 2002, after a short course in crystals, I added a selection to the water to further energise.

These days, when I need to drink tap water, or bottled water (eeek), I feel blessed to have such delicious water in my home and workplace, thanks to the Prill Beads.

My Other Work

Prill Beads has been a little side gig for a number of years. My main current work includes owning a yoga and meditation studio in Melbourne, counselling, web design and Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle.

Follow the links below for more information:

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Buddhist Counselling
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